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Longwall Visual Analysis



LVA is currently running live on the majority of Australian Longwalls. Operators like the software for instantaneous feedback on longwall pressures and conditions, Geotechs like the longer term views of the 3D and load cycle data, maintenance personnel like the multi panel statistics and ability to see poorly performing supports, and managers like the ability to have a quick overview of production and general conditions. The emailed alerts and daily snapshots are also very popular. The software is very comprehensive and we get good feedback from all of our users – some of the key features are.

  • Any number of users can see the longwall data live on their desktop.
  • Managers or group employees can see multiple longwall sites over the network, even from head office.
  • 2D & 3D visual representation of longwall pressures and shearer movement.
  • Trending of supports showing leaking, calibration issues, yields, cycles, loading rates, cycle durations, time weighted average pressures (TWAP), data versus time or chainage.
  • An alerting system for continuously monitoring the risk of weighting events and roof cavities forming (a Cavity Risk Index).
  • Emailed alerts for multiple conditions such as weighting events, yielding or not yielding, high or low pressure regions.
  • Load cycle maps showing data versus shears (1 row of data per shear), including TWAP, yields, low set pressures, loading rates, calibration, leaking and cycle durations.
  • Chock usage showing statistics for one (or many) chocks over multiple panels, regardless of position in the longwall. Total and extrapolated number of Yields, cycles, leaking, loading rates .
  • Overlay your data onto DXF mine plans and import into CAD.


Please contact us if you are interested in arranging a demo onsite so you can see more of what LVA can do for you.


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