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Welcome to LVA

News Flash!!   Version 7 of LVA is now available (Feb 2019). This is a total re-write of the software from the ground up. More features, faster and more configurable than ever before. 

 LVA is Australia's leading independent supplier of Longwall Analysis Software. Our software has been running live since 2006 and our customer base continues to grow. We listen to our customers and welcome their input as it helps to make the software better for all.

We have multiple features making it great value for money and our aim is that Longwall Visual Analysis will reduce your mining costs. Our software is compatible with all Longwalls, including Joy and CAT, and doesn't require extra hardware or equipment to integrate.


Why Choose Us?


  • Independent company committed to making great software for longwall mines that is easy to use, reliable and affordable.
  • Deal direct with the decision makers
  • We have low overheads so pass this saving onto you.
  • Happy to customise our software.
  • Well respected by our customers.


Why Choose our Software?

  • Get to know your Longwall better by understanding how it is interacting with the roof.
  • Take the guesswork out of analysing your longwall data and get live alerts for numerous configurable conditions.
  • See when cylinders are leaking and be proactive with your longwall maintenence.
  • Know when you have excessive yielding, failure to yield and poor set pressures.
  • Get a quick overview of the longwall conditions on the previous shift and view live data for the current shift.
  • See firsthand the shearer path overlayed on longwall pressures and understand the correlation between rising pressures and shearer movement.
  • Know when not to stop for maintenance due to increased weighting.
  • Weighting developing and cavity risk screens and alerting.



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